Boondocks returns to TV screens in April without creator McGruder


Creator Aaron McGruder will have no involvement with the fourth and final season of ‘The Boondocks’. McGruder is seen above with fictional characters ‘Huey (left) and Riley (right) Freeman’.

It has been since 2010 that anyone has seen a new episode of the controversial animation series, ‘The Boondocks‘. Set to re-air on April 21st, according to the shows official Facebook, the Adult Swim show will be airing its fourth and final season without creator and executive producer Aaron McGruder.

‘The Boondocks’ is an animated television comedy series based off of McGruder’s comic strip about two young African-American boys who live their grandfather and face many social issues in an urban setting. The show is making its return after being cancelled in 2010.




Here is the statement released by Adult Swim,

“This season was produced without the involvement of Aaron McGruder, when a mutually agreeable production schedule could not be determined.​”

Last week, this official trailer (which can be seen below) was posted by Adult Swim on the show’s Facebook page,

This came as news to McGruder however, who took to his ‘Black Jesus’ Facebook page (another show he is working on for Adult Swim) and posted,

“Just found out someone has hijacked THE BOONDOCKS Facebook page. This was done without my permission and I have absolutely no control over the content being posted as of Friday, March 14.”

Although the original voices of the boys Regina King as Huey and Riley, and John Witherspoon as ‘Granddad’ plan on returning, I’m not sure how the show will perform without its infamous and extremely controversial creator and executive producer.

Who really knows what happened between the two groups, however, McGruder and his representatives were not reachable for further comment on the situation.

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