“Judge” Joe Brown career coming to an end; arrested for Contempt of Court

“Judge” Joe Brown, and I say that lightly now that he lost his T.V. show as of last year, could not keep his cool while representing one his clients last Monday, March 24th, and is now facing five counts of contempt of court in Memphis, Tennessee.

The 66 year old is now sitting in jail facing a 5 day sentence after losing his temper in a Child support case, according to Shelby County Juvenile Court officials, after the court told him they had no record of the case.

It was Judge Harold Horne who gave the former television judge that sentence, after Brown was representing a woman who had a warrant, went as far as questioning Judge Horne’s authority during the case after being asked multiple times to quiet down.

No one really knows if Joe has even obtained a lawyer for the case, but a local TV station has reported Brown has been released.

Brown is currently running for the D.A. position in Shelby County, TN.

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