BREAKING NEWS!!! Epic Records announces new Michael Jackson album to be released May 13th

Breaking News!!! and it is something I don’t think any of us expected, Epic Records just announced that the late Michael Jackson is having an album released on May 13th. The project that is in works with with the Estate of the King of Pop.


This is the expected album artwork for Michael Jackson’s next studio album, according to Epic Records

The album, expected to be titled XSCAPE, will feature all new songs by Jackson.

“After mining by the Estate of Jackson’s archives, [Epic Records CEO L.A.] Reid was granted unlimited access to the treasures spanning four decades of material on which Jackson had completed his vocals,” a post on the front page of Epic Records website says. The post goes on to say that Reid teamed up with top produces to contemporize the songs while retaining Jackson’s essence and integrity, creating the best music you’ve never heard. A few producers for the album are expected to be Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, and will be available for pre-order for iTunes starting tomorrow.

The album will contain 8 songs, with the deluxe edition of the songs including their original form without L.A.’s ‘contemporizing’ Jackson’s work.

The record label’s website goes on to say, John Branca and John McClain, co-executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson said, “Michael was always on the cutting edge and was constantly reaching out to new producers, looking for new sounds. He was always relevant and current. These tracks, in many ways, capture that spirit. We thank L.A. Reid for his vision.”

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