Snooki announces 2nd baby gender: I’m terrified!

Snooki, the lovable reality T.V. star, finally announces the gender of her expected 2nd child in a recent YouTube video with fianceé (STILL?!) Jionni LaValle and little Lorenzo in hands.

Snooki (Nicole) recently tweeted recently, “Jionni and I have a big announcement about our new baby on the way!!!” and now the video is posted!

I think the set up is cute! She has Jionni put either blue or pink balloons in a bin covered with a towel, and during the video, Snooki would remove the towel and figure out what the baby is going to be…
Check out the video below to find out what she is having!
It seems Lorenzo is super excited that he will be a big brother to a baby girl!
Congrats to Nicole and Lorenzo! Snooki you look great and you have been such a better role model today while still being the same Snooki we all know and love!
This comes as the couples second child together and announced their 2nd expected pregnancy back in April.
She seems reluctant at first, but I think not being the only girl anymore in the family will be a rewarding and fun experience for her.

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