Chris Brown gets an additional 4 months of jail time

It appears Chris Brown will remain behind bars in jail for an additional four months due to violating his probation in his assault case with Rihanna. The never ending list of problems continues in the Chris Brown saga. 

According to AP (Associated Press), Chris Brown has admitted violating his probation and now has been ordered to 131 days, which is a little Imageover a month. He was actually sentenced to one year in jail however, Brown has already spent 116 days in rehab, and his already spent 59 days in jail, which he gets credited for, leaving him 131 days.
TMZ reports that Chris will “get out a lot earlier because of jail overcrowding”.
The singer must also attend therapy sessions 2 times a week while in jail and comply with random drug testing 3 times a week.
Once that is all over, it’s not all over! He then can start dealing with his D.C. assault trial set for June.
I have a strong feeling Chris has finally learned his lesson and we should expect a more well behaved Chris Brown if he is ever when he is finally released.

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