Kanye West and Kim Kardashian select a wedding date

Chicago native Kanyé West and Kim Kardashian will be getting married on May 24th in a 16th century Belvedere Fort in Florence, Italy, according to a spokeswoman from the mayor’s office in Florence on Friday.

ImageThe 36 year old West proposed in San Francisco’s AT&T Park back in October of 2013 to his fianceé who turned 33 the day of the proposal.

However this wedding obviously will not be a cheap one, 300,000 euros (equivalent to $410,000) is the cost solely for the venue, not to mention cost for the wedding dress, Kanye’s outfits, bridesmaids, etc.

It was also read in Florence’s newspaper ‘La Nazione‘, that Kanye was “very excited” and loved the beauty of Florence, saying that he even believes daughter north was conceived “among the Renaissance masterpieces”. 

Will Kim be wearing the dress she covered Vogue Magazine in back in April?

We will have to wait to the reported May 24th date to find out!

Congrats to Kanye and Kim!

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