Mariah Carey’s brand new album is released!

Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse, Mariah Carey’s brand new album dropped tonight at midnight on iTunes radio, previewing the entire album for free!

Overall, the entire album met my expectations, and I’m extremely happy with it, the vibes go together for the most part and most of all the songs end with Mariah going off in the end as expected.

You can view the album here: First Play – Mariah Carey, Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse 

Listen along with my immediate comments to each song off of Mariah Carey’s brand new album, Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse!

All of the songs are listed in the way they were heard via iTunes radio:

Cry – Mariah Carey: This song set the entire tone of the album for me, it’s a slower song however, Mariah shows she’s nowhere near the end of her career singing this song with such strong vocals going a long with what sounds like a church organ. The R&B record is fresh, and can I get a Yassss for the pianist?!

Faded – Mariah Carey: How can you not immediately just start dancing right when the beat drops? This song, produced by Mike Will Made It goes hard in an uptempo tone that you could imagine hearing in the club. This album continues to showcase the more urban Mariah while still featuring her strong vocals, she obviously has still got it! The rap beat sounds kind of like the beat and vibe in Drunk In Love..

DedicatedMariah Carey ft. Nas: The song begins with a conversation between Mariah and Nas and continues to make me believe that this album is a more ethnic album, only until after hearing the entire album, I was proved wrong. However, Dedicated has stronger vocals than expected. This record makes me also believe that Mariah wanted a song with a more old school beat, and wanted to get back to her roots with a “back in the day” feel… Well good thing she picked Nas for something to sound like it was back in the day….

Beautiful – Mariah Carey ft. Miguel: We have all heard this song, and if hearing this song for the first time  is when you are listening to this album for the first time, then you are extremely late… However, it’s the perfect summer song, it’s been a year since it’s release and I’m not tired of it at all! However, it did have to grow on me.

Thirsty – Mariah Carey: Although I’m not surprised she didn’t include the rap in this song part of her album, because this song is perfect. This is my favorite song off of the entire album and ever since it’s release a couple days ago, I can’t stop listening to this. It’s an ump temp song that brings that urban vibe that has been shown throughout the album, and even parts of Mariah’s career. With stellar production, Mariah slayed the vibe of this song and it is the most turnt up song from the album. The chorus is on point as well, and she STILL manages to go off in the end.. but when doesn’t she. Listen to Thirsty here!

Make It Look Good – Mariah Carey: Although, I love the album, this song just seems like a filler to me. It might just to grow on me, even with the ending, she’s forcing us to like those last high notes lol.

You’re Mine (Eternal) – Mariah Carey: “I… can’t… seem… to… live… without your loooove” The vibe of the song continues to slide in with most of the songs in the album. It’s been performed live already, and is no surprise to any real Mariah fan. Fast tapping beats combines with a calmer tone with background music all mend together with a soft piano and Mariah’s voice… and ends with what else other than Mariah going off in the end like always

You Don’t Know What To Do – Mariah Carey (ft. Wale): Starting off with random church yells talking about, “You better sing!” and then annoying has Wale rapping over Mariah Carey, when all of a sudden a ‘Roll Bounce’ 70’s beat comes out of nowhere and Wale begins with his verses. It doesn’t seem to go with the album as much as the other songs on the record. It’s not a bad song, just not with the flow of the entire record.

Supernatural – Mariah Carey: Awwwhhh, it’s Mariah Carey’s kids on her record… Sounds a whole lot like Beyonce’s – ‘Blue’ at the end though, doesn’t it?

Meteorite – Mariah Carey: It’s a fast beat, however listen to this song, you can’t tell me you couldn’t imagine hearing this in a gay club?

Camouflage – Mariah Carey: In a song where Mariah sings about camouflaging her pain as well as her tears, and guess what? The song even has a gospel choir in it to sing along with Mariah just like back in the day! It has an old school vibe, but also a new school vibe. I say this only because Mariah has had songs like this in the past.

One More Try – Mariah Carey: With an ending being one of the best from the album, this song showcases the elusive chanteuses low range vocals from the start. lt eases into an even calmer beat with a synthesizer, then a heavy drum sounds like it’s in the same room as you… Listen to the song, you’ll know what I’m talking about… I love this slow jam!

Heavenly (No Ways Tired/Can’t Give Up Now) – Mariah Carey: There is a speech from the get go, and I’m not sure who it is, however, I know the man is angry! I guess this album is half turn up, and half calm down music… Of course, Mariah went off in the end, however with this song being last played in this iTunes radio preview, the songs did not flow in a way that I thought could be done best… However, Mariah’s a WHOLE lot more successful than I am…


Me. I Am Devin… The Broke Blogger…

Check out Mariah Carey’s brand new album here via iTunes radio: First Play – Mariah Carey, Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse 


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