Wiz Khalifa arrested, Can you guess what for?


Wiz Khalifa was arrested earlier Sunday morning for possession of .5 grams of marijuana at El Paso International Airport in El Paso, Texas.
Wiz, who has always been quite public with his love for marijuana, was taken for a secondary screening because he did not have any identification before his flight to Dallas.
This is when security personnel found a small metal object in his backpack containing a small .5 grams of weed.
El Paso County Detention Center is where Wiz was taken to with bond set at a $300 that he would have no problem with paying.
He clearly isn’t bothered by any means, as he tweeted the following selfie, or “cellfie” (below) in this case, while in jail.
What’s ironic to Wiz is that he said he wanted to drop his mixtape today titled an ironic “28 grams”.
I’m sure this is no where near the last time we see Wiz Khalifa behind bars for pot. 20140525-184828-67708563.jpg

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