Kanye and Kim Bound 2gether in Florence

Image As the 67th annual Cannes Film Festival came to a close this weekend it opened up room in France for what you could call the wedding of the year. When Hip-Hop and Reality Television royalty collided for the wedding we have all been waiting for. Who else could I be talking about other than Kimye?!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had their long awaited nuptials in Florence over the weekend, and if there was not a red carpet at this event there should have been.


Guest such as Ricardo Tisci, who designed her custom wedding gown, and famous shoe designer Guiseppe Zanotti completely topped their guest list when it comes to fashion, but what would a Kimye event be without some music industry all stars.

John Legend and wife Chrissy, Common, Tyga, Jayden Smith, and Big Sean were all in attendance of this festive event, and many manycalebs more.

A few pictures from E! Online were released including some from the Photo Booth from the wedding. However, the amount of pictures are scarce due to guest not being allowed to have their cell phones with them during the wedding.


Kanye West, Guiseppe Zanotti, and Kim Kardashian looking regal in this Instagram picture! Photo from E! Online.

When it comes to Kim and fashion we all know that she loves everything custom made, and when it was time to have her third wedding nothing was going to be any different. wedding

Kim wore a beautiful form-fitting Givenchy custom made gown that showed off all of her most important ASSets (right), and I’m sure Kanye couldn’t have been anymore thrilled to see his beautiful bride do so.

However, for the reception Kim changed into a mini dress designed by Balmian. It seems like the two couldn’t be any happier; the couple even got matching leather jackets in true Kimye style that read just married.

The entire wedding (including the reception) cost a reported $2.8 million, and that is not even including the week they spent in Paris!

All I know is now that these two moguls are wedded the sky is the limit, and we will definitely be keeping an out on on Mr. and Mrs. West.


Congrats to Kanye and Kim!


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