Nicki Minaj “Doesn’t F*&$ with Drake!”

Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Lil Wayne surprised fans this weekend at the Hot 97 Summer Jam this past Sunday, June 1st. In the middle of Nicki’s 30 minute set she paused to let fans know that she was unhappy with a member of Young Money. In the video below uploaded by heat kings you see Minaj stating to fans “It’s a nig%@ in Young Money I aint f*&$in’ with right now!” The artist then went on to reveal that who she was referring to was Drake. Luckily, this was all said in fun even though the two have had some beefs before in the past.

Drake shocked the stage and performed his hit Worst Behavior and even more so when he abruptly picked the starlet up and said “I could stay like this all day.” jam3f-11-web


Hot 97 Summer Jam 2014

Drake, Lil Wayne, and Nicki exiting stage after their set.

After Nicki got down, the rappers quickly jumped into their next song where the stage got even hotter when Lil Wayne joined them to perform his song Believe me feat. Drake. Nicki Minaj maintained a very urban vibe throughout the entire concert, which is what we’ve come to expect from this newer harder Nicki Minaj, but her with the the release of her newest single Pills and Potions she kind of broke the feel of the urban event into something more in the realm of pop. With Nicki’s new album on the way, and her still trying to stay on top of the charts it will be interesting to see what the artist comes up with. She has already shocked fans over the past few months with a complete renovation of her sound with three very urban songs: Lookin a$$ N*%$!, Chiraq, and Yass Bishhh. When it comes to her album though it seems like she’s back to that same old rap pop crossover stuff we’ve grown to expect from her. At the end of the day Nicki is an artist and a personality that we are always watching out for, and we can’t wait to hear what this new album is going to sound like!


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