Attention 90’s babies! ‘Magic School Bus’ is BACK!

You can now expect to see brand new episodes of the former hit T.V. show Magic School Bus, according to The New York Times. You heard it right, Ms. Frizzle is back in a show renamed Magic School Bus 360 that will appear on Netflix set for release in 2016.

The deal between Netflix and Scholastic Media will bring 26 brand new episodes to the Netflix streaming platform and as details are the-magic-school-bus-4f94332561535expected to be announced soon, both Netflix and Scholastic Media are saying ‘the deal is a clear indication of the popularity on the streaming service’.

The show is expected to be modernized as 2 decades have past since the show has been on air. All of the animation is said to be computer generated, and we can even expect ‘the bus’ to be updated to today’s technological standards.

“The need for science education for elementary school students has increased since the original series came out,” said Deborah Forte, the president of Scholastic Media.

The show is one of the leading educational cartoons available now on the streaming site, and is also used in the school system as educational videos in the classroom.

It was only last year Netflix gained rights to not only this show but also “Goosebumps” and “Clifford the Big Red Dog”.

As a 90’s baby and a HUGE fan of the show when I was a child, I can’t lie and say I will not watch the show. I’m excited to see the evolution over the years. My only question however, Are they planning on keeping Little Richard in the opening theme song?

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