Dave Chappelle speaks out finally about Chappelle Show, leaving many wondering

10 years later and everyone is still wondering, what happened with Dave Chappelle‘s hit show Chappelle’s Show.

Dave Chappelle went to the Late Show to talk to David Letterman and a short clip has been posted from the interview.

When Letterman plots out the story of what at least the public knows regarding the show and Chappelle says, “Listen. Here it is… Technically, I never quit. I’m seven years late for work.” finishing with laughter from the audience however, I’m LateShowWithDavidLettermanDaveChappellescreenshotLSCBS_article_story_largenot sure if I find this funny. What is that supposed to mean?

More Chappelle Show episodes coming soon?

Is he retired from TV?

Does he still have his job if he ever was to return to Comedy Central?

and finally is this the last of Chappelle speaking about his former show?

Back in 2006, the last time he was interviewed regarding his show, Oprah asked Chappelle many questions as he just returned from a stay in South Africa. He was even willing to return to the show however the TV channel chose to air a ‘lost season’.

Who knows what happened, however this interview may possibly tell us more. Letterman’s crew knew exactly what they were doing when they posted this interview snippet.

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