Illinois Lottery Announces New Scratch Off Card with a Performance on the Chicago River

IMG_3705Many Chicagoans could have possibly witnessed a loud disturbance near the Chicago River only to find a cruise boat with local band ‘28 Days‘ covering multiple hit songs.
The band was performing on the Illinois Shoreline Sightseeing ship to promote The Illinois Lottery presenting a brand new scratch off card: Anything’s Possible Music Series Card.
“Remember what we [The Lottery] are here for,” said Illinois Lottery Director Michael J. Jones. “To raise money for good causes. The Music Series tickets, all the money goes to schools.” Jones went on to mention how multiple causes would benefit from the money earned from these specialized tickets including charities targeting AIDS.
The boat was compiled of guest of the Taste Of Chicago who won a contest sponsored by The Illinois Lottery and provided a very exciting and relaxing time on a very warm Thursday.
’28 days’ played multiple songs ranging from Usher, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Black Eyed Peas, One Republic, and also ending with a well put together medley of Journey and Bon Jovi classics.
The band has been performing for over 8 years together and are based out of the suburbs of Chicago.
It wasn’t the first time they have performed on a boat. Lead singer Paul Shamoun says the group has performed about a dozen times on water before.
“It’s awesome, but you know, you gotta get your balance at first,” Shamoun laughed.
Check out the pictures from the boat cruise below including photos of cover band ’28 Days’.

Check out more information regarding the #APMusicSeries here:

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