Janelle Monae ELECTRIFIES the Taste of Chicago’s #APMusicSeries: CONCERT REVIEW


Photo by Devin Torkelsen

Janelle Monae proved to be an electrifying experience during her concert at the Taste of Chicago‘s #APMusicSeries on Thursday night.

Not one cloud was in sight for a beautiful 66 degree day as concert goers experienced Monae’s electrified 2 hour set following an opening act by Gary Clark Jr.
After seeing Monae right before she went on stage (right) I got to wish her good luck. She thanked me however, I realized she did not need my luck at all.
It all started with a bang once Janelle was rolled out on adolley in a straight jacket by one of her stage members. The straight jacket was removed revealing a stylish creme crop jacket with black lining, fitted white pants with a thin black belt, white shirt with black boots, and


Janelle Monae was in full effect for this show at the Taste of Chicago on July 10, 2014.

her signature bow tie. She’s incredibly beautiful. The stage had an all white theme as a white cloth was draped over the floor.

Her 7 person skilled band and two backup singers/dancers gave off an oldies feel such as a James Brown-type band.
You could not look away from Monae’s spontaneously aggressive dancing techniques being as tiny as she is throughout the entire concert and even in some songs singing a higher key than how the recorded version was prepared.
The energy that she provides to her crowd was immediately given right back. This was without a doubt one of the best crowds at any of the concerts I have attended. Everyone was up on their feet moving and singing along enjoying the beautiful Chicago day.
Her singing ability live exceeded my expectations of her, and I’m leaving this concert being a bigger fan than I was.

Two covers that stood out during the concert where James Brown’s ‘I Feel Good‘ which featured Monae’s tiny body to do the most hilarious and soulful dance breaks, and Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back‘ which was fitting with her vocal range. See a fan’s video of the performance at the bottom of the page.


Janelle Monae’s concert lasted about two hours at the Taste of Chicago on July 10, 2014.

One thing during the concert that was a chilling moment once the music quieted down and became slow tempo when Janelle Monae went on a mini rant/speech prior to performing her hit song, “Cold War” in which she held up a sign stating, “STOP THE VIOLENCE”.
“I heart Chicago. Stop the violence!” said Monae. “Y’all gotta stop the violence. Revolutionary music is not over. It’s right here.”
As the song played, the band was surging with excitement. However, being in Chicago I’m beginning to notice that every artist who comes here, is doing a ‘No violence’ speech.
Overall, I will definitely be at Monae’s next Chicago stop and expect nothing less than a show, this girl knows what she is doing definitely and I see her becoming more and more successful as the years come.
A huge thank you to The Illinois Lottery for the VIP treatment at the concert and for sponsoring the concert pushing their #APMusicSeries. Check out the many concerts they will be hosting all summer under their #APMusicSeries hashtag and via their website:

See a fan’s video of Janelle Monae performing the Jackson 5 Classic, I Want You Back:

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