‘On The Run Tour’ to air on HBO; Beyoncé and Jay Z’s first HBO concert

BrBl8DUIYAETrETThe Mrs. Carter Show World Tour isn’t the only thing we will get from HBO when it comes to Beyoncé’s concerts. The On The Run Tour featuring 17-time Grammy winner Beyoncé and 19-time Grammy winner Jay Z is now also slated to appear on HBO beginning in September, according to a recent press release. 

“This is a major musical event that belongs on HBO,” said President of HBO Michael Lombardo. “It’s going to be a night to remember.”
This wouldn’t be Beyoncé’s first HBO appearance. Last year the power singer released a life documentary titled, ‘Life is But a Dream’, and currently her Mrs. Carter tour is showing on HBO in ‘BEYONCÉ X10’. However, this would be Beyoncé and Jay Z’s first ever HBO concert with their first collaborative tour. 
The 19 city tour so far has had a great response since it began on June 26 in Miami. USA Today says, “The coordination is not just remarkable, it’s the absolute best way that two of the world’s best performers can deliver a show that proves why they are on the top together.”
However, only two weeks sits between now and the Chicago stop of the On The Run tour!

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