On The Run Tour, Beyoncé, Jay Z, vocally and visually slays Chicago, Concert Reviews

It is one thing to be an artist and perform a concert in front of thousands of people, however what

Jay Z and Beyoncé at Soldier Field/July 24, 2014/Photo by Devin' Torkelsen

Jay Z and Beyoncé at Soldier Field/July 24, 2014/Photo by Devin’ Torkelsen

Beyoncé and Jay Z did at Soldier Field on July 24th, 2014 for their sold out Chicago stop of the On The Run tour, the hottest tour of 2014, was far exceeding my already high expectations.

photo 3

Beyoncé performing Love on Top at Soldier Field as part of the On The Run Tour / July 24th, 2014 / Photo by Devin Torkelsen

I wouldn’t even call the On The Run tour a ‘concert’. Using that word would be an understatement. The On The Run Tour is simply an unforgettable experience. Never have I attended a live show with such an infectious level of energy that kept the sold out crowd of 60,000 plus on their feet for the entire duration of the show.

photo 5

Sold out Soldier Field for the On The Run Tour starring Beyoncé and Jay Z / July 24th, 2014 / Photo courtesy of Twitter

The extensive 44 song set list covered both the majority of both Beyoncé and Jay Z’s careers in the music industry as well as their hit duets such as the introduction to the show, ’03 Bonnie & Clyde, which transitioned into the uptempo Upgrade U, which then slid into an electrifying duet where Beyoncé took us back to 2003 with her signature song Crazy In Love. That intro alone could’ve been the only thing I heard and I would have been satisfied. That intro leaded into a video transition and so many “Wow’s” were said in my section, including myself.

photo 4

Beyoncé during Forever Young at Soldier Field on July 24, 2014 / Photo by Devin’ Torkelsen

I attended two shows of Beyoncés last year, The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, both in Chicago, in which I was front and center for at both shows, and compared to her previous tours, The On The Run tour had such a massive feel to it being inside the outdoor stadium Soldier Field (hold’s 60,000+) compared to being at the United Center (holds about 24,000+). The bass was ten times heavier, the songs were much more racier and personal, and the choreography was much more sex appealing than Bey’s already sexy previous shows.

The two and a half hour extravaganza contained a plethora of interesting costumes as well that clearly went with the On The Run theme, which included two of my personal favorites, the all-body suit word by Bey during Ring The Alarm and the American Flag dress worn during Forever Young, which Jay rocked multiple tour memorabilia items, as well as one time showing off in an all-white suit and his signature gold chain.

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Beyoncé performing Resentment/Photo by Devin’ Torkelsen/Soldier Field/July 24th 2014

Vocally, this is definitely in Queen Bey’s top three best tour. She called it her best tour of her life via her Instagram. Her voice has grown in such a healthy way. She is hitting off of her notes with ease but still aggressively now while still managing to uphold a stronger vibrato in her voice. Some memorable covers include B’s cover of Lauryn Hill’s Ex Factor, Justin Timberlake and Jay Z’s Holy Grail.

However no song had as much emotion and vocal ability as the song that has kept rumors swirling surrounding the power couple’s marriage: Resentment. Luckily, I was literally sitting right in front of Beyoncé herself and sang along as she sang with me (left). Check out my video below!

Watching these two perform it is evident that the divorce rumors are false. The way these two look into each other’s eyes is true love. You can just see it. It’s very sad that members of the media have talked up the rumors and can’t see that these two truly love each other.

Who know’s what the Carter’s have in store for us next.


photo 2Also check out my video of Love on Top as well live!

Not to mention, you’re welcome Beyoncé!


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