Drake vs Lil Wayne in Chicago! CONCERT REVIEW!

Drake flies over the Chicago crowd during the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour on Sunday, August 10, 2014. Photo by Devin Torkelsen.

Drake flies over the Chicago crowd during the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour on Sunday, August 10, 2014. Photo by Devin Torkelsen.

The First Midwest Bank Amphitheater was 100% packed to capacity for the music battle of the summer. Drake and Lil Wayne took their third tour date to Chicago suburb Tinley Park where Drake arrived in hopes of obtaining his first win after an 0-2 start for the Drake vs Lil Wayne tour.

Now what makes this concert completely different than anything ever done was that the tour had a concept of who is the “Greatest Rapper in the World”. Drake or Lil Wayne?

From beginning to end, the two rap superstars competed not only lyrically but vocally throughout the show, Although we know the two are close friends off the stage this did not stop either rapper from taking multiple jabs at each other’s impressive careers throughout the entire concert. When it came down to it, it truly was a battle determining who runs Chitown more; Would Lil Wayne’s longevity in the rap game be enough to overcome the audience’s love for Drake’s charm? Nobody knew, but it kept the entire show extremely interesting none the less.

At first, the two took turns performing 3-4 songs a piece with lots and I mean A LOT of trash talk in between even if it was only playful trash talk.


With the songs offered in each artist’s discography it was simply hit-after-hit-after-hit. The level of competitiveness became so severe at one point Drake and Lil Wayne wow’ed the crowd with a hit vs. hit battle where one artist performed one of their hottest songs for about a minute or two back to back. This moment was by far on my list of favorite concert moments of all-time.

The ‘hit battle’ only produced even more trash talking between Drizzy and Weezy which was amusing to the audience. “I’ve been doing this since you were in the wheelchair,” Lil Wayne said referring to Drake’s TV Degrassi days. “I’ve been coming to Chicago since before you were born. I’ve been to Chicago as many times as [Drake] has been to the bathroom,” continued Wayne. Drake took his own shots at Lil Wayne as well, switching up some words in his song “We’re Goin Home” saying, “Just hold on, Weezy’s going home!”

Just when you thought the competitiveness would simmer down just a bit, the pair went as far as to even hold a battle between each other’s DJ’s, which led to more trash talk.

The trash talking never seemed to end. Here are a few exchanges between to the two:

1. Lil Wayne mentioning the fact that the only advantage Drake has on him is that he can sing.

2. After one of Drake’s songs, Lil Wayne came on stage and said, “Chitown, when did you guys get so soft?”

3. Drake mocked Lil Wayne’s voice multiple times during the show. 

4. Drake said, “Who is he? I’ve never heard of him,” referring to Lil Wayne’s DJ.

I would definitely say both artist gave an incredible high energy show that came off as a friendly game.

You can obviously tell Lil Wayne has been doing this for years now, how he runs the stage completely showing out for the crowd with his overly dramatic body movements paired with the plethora of hilarious hand and arm gestures during his performances.

However, ultimately Drake was 100% this night of the tour and in the end it gave him the edgephoto-3 claiming his very first win of the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour making his record 1-2. The crowd may have been jamming out on their feet for the entire concert, however with the help of the ladies and Drake’s superb vocals, he managed to come out on top respectively.

Drake celebrated his first win via Instagram (right).

The show did lack wardrobe changes. Drake was more visually appealing wearing an opened tan button up shirt with a plain black t shirt and jeans for the majority of the night. Lil Wayne simply wore grey sweatpants while occasionally putting on a white bath robe. Fashion was the only disappointing concept of the night.

Other than that, I would say this tour tops many of the acts that have traveled to Chicago to perform this summer. I give the tour an 8 out of 10 and I would love to see them again!

Thanks again to the Illinois Lottery, sponsors of the concert in part of the #APMusicSeries (Photo below)

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