Will Steve-O Face Charges after defaming SeaWorld on Highway Sign?

sea-world-1Should any of us really be surprised that Steve-O has gotten in more trouble?

Don’t be too quick to judge, this time Steve-O may have a point here.
California Highway Patrol is asking that criminal charges be filed against the ‘Jackass’ star after he performed an anti-Seaworld act.
Steve-O posted a YouTube video showing his attempts to defame a sign stating “SEA WORLD DR 2 [miles]” in which he changed to “SEA WORLD SUCKS” with a green sign with white lettering much similar to the sign (left). 
Although the plan took two days worth of failures, day 3 turned out a success after the comedian bought an extended ladder to get atop the highway sign.
“I’m putting my foot down for Shamu,” said Steve-O in his video. “If doing that was wrong, then I don’t want to be right.”
Take a look at the video he posted for yourself.
The incident dates back to May 25, however nobody knew who altered the signs until Steve-O posted the video which almost has one million views. Now, officials want him to face charges.
Steve-O phoned into TMZ Live today to speak about the events surrounding the event and says reported his damages will cost tax payers $7,000 caused by what the comedian says was a piece of paper simply taped to a sign. 
Officials will have to wait until Monday if they want a chance to arrest Steve-O. He currently is touring in Canada, but he said on-air live that he would be returning to LAX airport on Monday. 
“If they want to arrest me right at the airport, thats fine with me,” said Steve-O during the call in to the show obviously delighted with all of the press coming from this. People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals agreed to pay any fines given to 
the Jackass star.
PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange also commented in Steve-O’s defense, “Steve-O isn’t the only one who realizes that SeaWorld sucks, and the highway sign needs to come down.”
Guess we will have to wait for Monday when Steve-O arrives back to the US and yes, SeaWorld does in fact suck. 

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