Fallon, Tonight Show to come to Chicago

Jimmy Fallon confirmed The Tonight Show‘s visit to Chicago on Thursday’s show. Fallon informed his audience the news after a475092105 bet was made between the talk show host and Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The Mayor asked Fallon to bring the show to Chicago if the cities’ children could read a total of 2.4 million books over the summer as part of the “Rahm’s Readers Summer Learning Challenge”. It appears the kids were up for the challenge, overhitting their goal by reading a whopping 2.7 million books.

“You won the bet, we will be coming to Chicago, we’ve just got to figure out how to get everyone there, because we just started here, we have like 200-something people who need to come with us, so Rahm if you have room there in your house, we’ll come and we’ll hang with you,” said Fallon on Thursday night’s show. “But in the meantime we’ll look for a place and we’ll have fun when we get there, so congratulations Chicago that’s really cool.”
Emanuel took to Twitter to give Fallon permission to stay in his home.
Although no details have been released regarding the event, we do know that the show will be making a visit to the Second City, and we could not welcome Fallon and his team enough!

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