President Obama returns to Chicago, A Moment I’ll Never Forget


Photo by Devin Torkelsen

President Barack Obama headlined a early voting rally on Sunday, October 19 for Illinois’ Governor Pat Quinn at Chicago State University on Chicago’s south side.

And after hours of waiting for security and other details at the University of Chicago’s Convoction Center, attending the event was 100% worth it. It was one of the most unforgettable events I have ever personally attended.
The governor of Illinois is attempting to maintain his spot in the upcoming election against his opponent Bruce Rauner.
Multiple government officials were on hand to speak prior to Obama’s much anticipated attendance, Senator Dick Durbin, Republican Danny Davis to name a few as well as Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West team, little league US champions.
Overall, it was a laid back event, that pushed Quinn’s values of why he should be reelected and proving that Governor Quinn is much more obviously relatable to Bruce Rauner.IMG_5261
Healthcare, handwork, public education were among the topics talked about but the one thing that stuck out was the talk regarding raising the minimum wage here in Illinois, where as Rauner (Quinn’s opponent) would like to end a minimum wage all together to allow companies the right to pay their employees whatever they want, according to Quinn.
President Obama was announced by Governor Quinn and the president received an extremely positive reaction from the crowd.
I even got a wave from the President!

I even got a wave from the President!

The president opened up his speech very relaxed and even humorous at times, proving how captivating he is as a speaker who knows how to reach his audience in the intimate seated arena.

“What I really want to say is that the power to move our society and government really is in your hands,” said President Obama.
Shoutout to Secret Service who displayed much professional and tight security respectively throughout the night.
Overall, I must say you have got to hear Obama speak in person. There’s one thing I can knock off my bucket list now.
Watch how much love Chicago gave to President Obama in his hometown below in a video I captured.

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