Jane Lynch’s Dramatic Divorce Settlement

1414528093525_Image_galleryImage_Mandatory_Credit_Photo_byJane Lynch is now officially single, but was it worth the cost for her?

TMZ is reporting the Lynch must pay her ex-wife Dr. Lara Embry $1.2 million throughout two years in a property settlement.

In 2013, Lynch spoke to PopCrush saying “[California] is a half and half state, as well as it should be, so that’s fine… It’s just money.”

The lawsuit comes after the end of the 3 year marriage.

Here’s a breakdown of the lawsuit.

Lara Embry (Jane’s ex) will receive…

Half of several bank and trust accounts: $847,485

Half of a 401K: $315,079

Half of their tax refund: $56,810

Half of all of Jane’s royalties from appearances on TV (including Glee)

Half of the proceeds from the couple’s Mullholland Tennis Club Membership

The L.A. Yacht club membership

as well as 

Francis, the couples’ pooch.1414528647008_Image_galleryImage_Mandatory_Credit_Photo_by

Both sides have publicly said to be ‘very civilized’ with each other after coming to an agreement regarding their split.

“Its not dramatic,” said Lynch. “It’s not a horrible thing. It’s something that we’re dealing with. It’s two people who just decided it’s better to go apart than stay together.”

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