Suge Knight and Katt Williams Arrested for Stealing Photographers Camera

Former rapper Marion “Suge” Knight, 49, and comedian Micah “Katt” Williams, 43, have both been arrested on Wednesday due to a case stating the duo stole a camera from a photographer in Beverly Hills on Sept. 5, according to officials in Los Angeles. 

According to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, the two were each charged with one count of robbery from the incident involving a female photographer outside a studio in Beverly Hills.

Although Beverly Hills Police are still investigating the case, prosecutors are saying they will ask for Knight’s bail to be set at $1,000,000 and Willaim’s bail to be a much lighter $75,000.


Suge Knight now faces up to 30 years in prison after allegedly stealing a photographers camera in Beverly Hills on Sept. 5.

Knight was arrested in Las Vegas (Wed. Oct. 29), Williams was coincidentally already set for a court appearance the same day for an arraignment in a previous assault case. 

This would not be Knight’s first time behind bars, he was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon. Because of this, Knight faces up to 30 years in prison where as Williams faces a maximum of seven years.

A few Highlights of Suge Knight’s Police Blotter

-He drove the car Tupac Shakur was shot and killed in.

-He went to prison for violating parole on assault and weapons convictions.

-He was shot as well as two others at Chris Brown’s party the night before the MTV VMA’s this past August.


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