Wallenda Chicago Tightrope Walk: SUCCESS! PHOTO’s Inside


SUCCESS! Nik Wallenda has officially wow’ed Chicago. I am completely impressed and shocked how easy it was for Wallenda to walk those wires.
The tension throughout the crowd of an estimated 65,000 people packed in the downtown streets of Chicago could be cut with a knife, because everyone, including myself was so terrified watching him.
At one point, all you could see was an empty blocked off street underneath Wallenda, and if he falls, he is most likely dying and we would all have to see that.
I arrived at the event around 2p.m. with it scheduling to start at 6p.m., crowds began to form around 4p.m.
The event did not exactly start at 6 as planned. Adjustments had to be made causing the incline of the first wire Wallenda had to complete to be at 19 degrees instead of the planned 15 degrees.
The last minute change was no challenge however, it took about 6 and a half minutes for the first walk, and then the blindfolded walk took about 2 minutes.
Wallenda says the wind was slapping him in the face, but that was one of the only distractions Wallenda had to face. He previously asked people in balconies (seen below in photo’s) and people of Chicago to stay silent during the act so that he could hear his father (who is also his safety officer) during the blindfolded segment of the walk.
I was so shocked how fast he was walking across that wire! He told press after the event that he went much faster than he did in prior training. Incredible experience none the less.
Look below at the photos I took from the event here!

Click on any photo to enlarge and begin a slideshow.

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