Who just invited Amanda to crash at their pad in Santa Barbara

We all know about the current pending drama when it comes to former child star and actress Amanda Bynes. The star is currently living in L.A. with no money (by her standards) other than what is being reportedly supplied to her via gift cards ($5200 a day) from her parents who have full conservatorship over all of her funds.

Amanda has been tweeting non stop trying to get the public to become more on her side in this matter, but I don’t think it’s helping.

She posted this tweet on Thursday, November 6 to which she got a rather unexpected reply.

Heidi Montag former star of The Hills reached out to Bynes and tweeted to her.

Heidi never did get a reply from Amanda’s verified account, but Bynes did send out a “no thanks” to the reality star from her privet unverified account PersianLa27

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