Bono’s Door to Private Jet Falls Off 8,000 Feet in Air While On Flight

Bono, lead singer of U2, dealt with a huge scare while in the air of his private aircraft from Dublin to Berlin on Wednesday, Nov. 12. The rear hatch of the estimated $50 million Learjet 60 D-CGEO aircraft blew completely off 8,000 feet in the air and was missing once they landed.Bono_U2_360_Tour_2011

The lead singer was on his way to Berlin to perform at the Bambi Awards (Germany’s version of the Emmys) on Thursday, Nov. 13. His other bandmates flew separately.

There were two pilots and four passengers on the small plane, according to Germout Freitag, an official of the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation.
Luckily, everyone was safe. It was only the door to the luggage compartment. However, two pieces of luggage and the door are missing as they fell off mid-flight.
“The investigation will take at least six to eight weeks and will be greatly hampered if the door is not located,” said Freitag. “This sort of thing is not common.”
We are just glad Bono is safe!

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