106 & Park & Cancelled! See how you can still watch the show.

106ParK13_LogoA_ColorShucks! “106 & Park”’s 14 year spot on BET will no longer be necessary. BET is cutting the on-air version of the show this December.

106 fans, don’t be too upset, you can still catch your ratchetness online on in a digital version for fans.

This is what BET said in an official statement: 

“America’s #1 music variety show on cable television, “106 & PARK,” will host its final daily on-air show on December 19, 2014, concluding its impressive 14 year run. The “106 & PARK” brand remains strong and will continue to produce various specials throughout the year including its annual New Year’s Eve show, “106 & PARTY,” along with live event experiences at the BET Awards and BET Experience. In 2015, “106 & PARK” looks forward to continuing its reign as the hottest hangout on one of the coolest digital platforms,”

Shouldn’t have talked bad about Blue Ivy. That’s what you get.


Don’t get me wrong, the show used to be hot back in the 90’s pre 2000’s but it’s obviously gone downhill in more recent years. 

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