Tamar Braxton to File Defamation of Character Suit Against Sandra Rose?

Bitter and classless blogger Sandra Rose is known for saying trashy comments to celebrities to maintain her relevance, but singer/TV personality Tamar Braxton is not letting anyone post libelous statements about her husband.

Tamar was very unhappy with what Sandra had to say.

Sandra’s response was not valid in the slightest, but I guess it’s whatever. She will most likely continue to harass Tamar in attempts to increase her relevance.

Story will be updated accordingly. Check back to for more updates!

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  1. Tamar Braxton should file a case against Sandra Rose for saying things about her marriage, and husband she knows nothing about other than the tv version. Its so sad to see women bash other women for no good reason. Sandra needs to mind her own business if she have any.

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