Amanda Bynes to Friends “I Feel Bad For My Friends Who Date Black People”

UPDATE: It appears the Instagram account ‘amandabynesfashion’ is allegedly fake (says Amanda’s lawyer after a ‘random celebrity lawyer *cough most likely Paris Hilton* ‘ had the post removed), I do not know how I feel about that. Her lawyer is acting like she isn’t do the same thing on Instagram than she is on Twitter. Amanda has a history of outspoken tweets.

Amanda Bynes does not like black people dating her friends because according to her, they all beat their girlfriends who come to the troubled actress for advice.

Take a look at the picture here:

(The picture has since been deleted, but wait… guess who got a screenshot of the caption before it was deleted)

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 3.35.12 PM

Caption: “I feel bad for my friends who date black people because they always end up beating on them but they always come to me for advice because I’m such a nice person”

The picture has since been deleted)

Also according to Amanda, Paris Hilton has herpes. Unless the photo is altered, it appears Amanda has Hilton’s prescription drugs that she claims is to help Paris’ herpes.

Caption: “@ParisHilton has herpes”

And also compares TMZ’s media coverage of her to Hitler controlling the German’s.

Caption: “I really feel bad for anyone that believes the lies that the media says it’s no different than Hitler controlling the germans into believing that the jews were bad, so dont be german. Im actually a really smart jewish woman so I totally understand why everyone is extremely jealous of me !”

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