Nicki Minaj The PinkPrint Track by Track Review

Nicki Minaj has released her third studio album title The PinkPrint. Let me just start about by saying with this title we are already stepping out on a great note. The artist who’s two previous albums which were both essentially titled the same definitely held the artist back.

Nicki decided that with this album that she would go into a new direction and wanted to give a strong title. So of course she thought of Jay-Z when the title of her album came to mind. The rap superstar who came out with his album The Blueprint back in 2001 sold over three million copies.

Nicki has also stated that this album was more personal for her and that she took more time creating this album, and that the content in it means a lot more to her than her previous work. This album is chalked full with features from some of the hottest people in music right now. From Beyonce, to Drake, Lil Wayne, and Ariana Grande this album was clearly built to sell.



Now lets get to the music!

  1. All Things Go – This song is definitely a look into Nicki that her fans don’t get to see when she does features. It is clear that the rapper is trying to show a softer side to herself, but still keep her strong edge. She talks about her recently ended relationship and how they were engaged. She also speaks about wanting to have a child in the future and say’s “As long as seven years from now I’m taking my daughter to preschool.” Nicki has recently said in interviews that she would want to have a child by her fifth studio album. This song also has a very strong beat with a hint of softness. Nicki definitely played into both the hard and the softness of this, and made a beautiful connection.
  2. I Lied – I’m going to be 100% honest when I say I am not a fan of Nicki Minaj singing on tracks. I think that it doesn’t all the way connect with who she is trying to be as an artist. I also don’t feel like it fits with her image. When she starts off the song singing I am immediately turned off by the song. I do think that she is continuing the theme of a more famine sound with a masculine or more aggressive edge which I do enjoy her doing. I don’t feel like this is a bad song; I just wish that Nicki would have gotten someone else to do the singing part just because she isn’t a singer.
  3. The Crying Game Feat. Jessie Ware- My immediate reaction when Nicki comes in is to bob my head. This is song is a banger. I could see this being played in night clubs and being used for commercial use. Again she goes in to issues in her relationship and just gives us a little insight into her, and showing a more emotional side.
  4. Get on your knees Feat. Ariana Grande – Let me just start out by sing these two together are such a boss team. Ariana Grandes’ sweet and powerful voice mixed with Nickis’ hard edge just meshes so perfectly. This is completely something that you would expect for these two to make together. It is another girl track about just being boss bitches essentially.
  5. Feeling Myself Feat. Beyonce – We already knew that when these two got back together that it would be nothing less than Flawless. These two queens gave us sexy, ratchet, and boss all in one song. This song is all the way turnt up, and I love it! They are both serving sex appeal, cockiness, and fire with their verses. Slam dunk Miss Minaj.
  6. Only Feat. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, & Drake – We all know about this song weather it being due to the controversy of the lyric video or if we bang to it in our own homes. This song is a little creepy and it just adds to the mystery of Nicki Minaj.
  7. Want Some More – This song was made fore everyone who has tried to come for Nicki while she diced to take her year to record her album. This was just a reminder to everyone who was trying to throw shade just who Nicki Minaj is because if you haven’t remember all of the things she’s done in her career which hasn’t been that long. This was such a fun track of her just talking mess and biging up her chest which I’m sure was fun for her to record.
  8. Four Door Aventador – The beat to this song was definitely a change up from the albums initial direction. This song had a lot more of a straight hip hop feel. It didn’t really skate the lines of a pop crossover song like the majority of her other music. This is very distinctly hip hop.
  9. Favorite Feat. Jeremiah – This song just has a sexy undertone to it. This is definitely a song for you and your boo thang. While it does have this sexy undertone Nicki still goes hard in her verses, and that’s what I love. (Keeping with this theme of femininity intertwined with masculinity.)
  10. Buy a Heart Feat. Meek Mill – This is another date night record. These two who have been reported to be in a relationship collaborate amazingly together on this track. In this song Nicki did fall back from that masculine edge and let Meek take controls, but the rapper still takes the song exactly where it needs to go. The beat also leaves you with a little bit of suspense and gives more emotional value to the song. It creates a sense of tension and these two did a phenomenal job portraying this “difficult” relationship over the song.
  11. Trini Dem Girls Feat. Lunchmoney Lewis – Truth be told it wouldn’t be a Nicki Minaj album without a dance track or two. This song is definitely that. Nicki gives you a bit of that island feel that we love to get from her. This track makes you want to go to a rave and dance your ass off. I love that Nicki always remembers that she does have those fans that love this side of her, and I’m happy that she still stayed true to that part of herself with this album.
  12. Anaconda – This song has been playing repeat on most of our iPhones for months now and we still love it when it plays on the album. This big booty anthem was a must have on this album.
  13. The Night Is Still Young – Being someone that has bought every Nicki Minaj album when I hit this point in the album I see a reoccuring theme. The first half of Nickis’ albums generally give you hip hop in the first half and pop the second half. I don’t feel like she should dedicate an entire half of her album to pop songs. This song seems very generic to me, and I don’t get that same feeling from it that I do when I listen to her hip hop songs.
  14. Pills N Potions – This is by far one of my least favorite Nicki Minaj songs to date. I feel like she should be past that just like we’ve moved past all of those ridiculous hair colors. I feel like this overly pop version of Nicki is played out, and her fans aren’t really looking for that anymore.
  15. Bed of Lies Feat. Skylar Grey – I really love this song collaboration. This song gives you  peek into Nicki that we rarely get to see. We’ve gotten to see her perform this at the AMAs as well as SNL and when she is performing you can definitely tell that she means every word that she is saying, and that is art and beauty.
  16. Grand Piano – By the time you get to this song it is your third slow song in a row, and I don’t want to feel tired when I’m listening to an album. There are just too many slow songs back to back to back. Also, this song is a ballad and Nicki Mianj is a RAPPER not a SINGER  she shouldn’t have any ballads on her album at all. I need to say no more.
  17. Big Daddy Feat Meek Mill – After that turn down a turn up is much needed and thank you Nicki for big daddy. Meek Mill starts this song off and completely revitalizes you after those last three songs just drained you. Going back to hip hop she snatches me right back into her corner and giving me nothing but perfection with this song.
  18. Shanghai – Winning! That’s exactly what I feel when I hear this song. Nicki Minaj honestly is so lyrical gifted and just has such a strong position and she claims it in her music and it definitely makes you feel some type of way.
  19. Win Again – For the last song Nicki did it perfectly. Love that there was a smaller variety of pop songs on this album. She did a great job getting back to hip hop and to the music and this is a 100% turn around from her last release.


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