[Review] STOMP! brings the beat into Chicago at Bank Of America Theatre

STOMP!, the rhythmic musical staged show has begun its’ Chicago run during their tour on Tue. Jan 19.
I attended Wednesday night’s show at the stunning Bank Of America Theatre in downtown Chicago with a guest who had never heard of STOMP! before.

This show is not your typical staged musical, it’s an absolute must for music-lovers worldwide.
The show is a cast of about 6-8 people creating music with household items with a show filled with rhythm and perfect timing as well as time crunching hand-eye coordination.
Throughout the entirety of the show show attendees remained at the edge of their seats that kept your blood pumping.
The no-talking crew maintains family fun audience interaction during multiple skits consisting of items we see daily such as garbage cans, brooms, bathroom sinks, etc.
Truly an unforgettable experience that any theatre lover would enjoy.
The fun lasted for about a solid hour and a half and although that would be the only thing I’d change about the show, STOMP! can count on me attending each and Everytime they come to the Second City.

The show will continue running at the Bank of America Theatre until Jan. 25, 2015. Tickets range from about $20-$65 and can be purchased through



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