[REVIEW] Sam Smith Effortlessly Performs In Chicago for ‘In The Lonely Hour Tour’

The UIC Pavilion was the place to be on Friday night (Jan. 23, 2015). Sam Smith took his 10th stop of his first solo tour, the ‘In The Lonely Hour Tour‘.

Being the tenth show, after previously performing in Detroit the night before, its possible for an artist’s voice to get a little noticeably deeper or raspier. That just was not the case for this flawless intimate performer.

Sam sounded exactly how you would hear him on a recorded song. His pinpoint vocals were not only perfectly in key, meanwhile singing effortlessly without straining his voice whatsoever.

Smith performed mostly songs off his debut album, ‘In The Lonely Hour’ and got a huge reception from the crowd throughout the entirety of the show.  Although this was not a huge venue such as Chicago’s United Center, Allstate Arena, or at least the Chicago Theatre (where Sam has previously performed before, not on his own solo tour though). The UIC Pavilion seemed so small in comparison to his large Chicago fan base. He definitely deserved a larger space to perform in.

Fans were told they finished second in being the loudest crowd the last time Smith visited the states, however Sam left telling the crowd, they took first place right back where it belongs; in Chicago.

Chicago. Wow

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A few things that I disliked was the length of the show, there were no more than 15 songs performed during the show as well as the lack of dance music. I know he is more of an intimate artist however, I am sure that will change with Sam’s next album.

Smith spoke to the crowd intimately throughout the show, giving them insight on how that particular song came to be, and giving his fans a more personal look at his music.

For example, when talking to the crowd about this album.

“I think a lot of people think I’ve always been this way,” said Smith. “I think a lot of people think I’m a very very sad people that cries every night and writes poetry. But it’s not true. I’m normally very happy, and I’m so proud of this record. Before this record I was making the shittiest music ever. It was a mix of Lady Gaga, Dolly Parton, J. Lo. It was so shit, it sounded so bad. It wasn’t until I moved to London when I was 18, starting drinking, and kissing way too many people that the real stuff started to come out.” (Before Performing ‘I Told You Now’)

He definitely loves his fans and appears humble. Fans who were sleeping out for the general admission floor outside of the UIC Pavilion were treated to some Chicago deep dish pizza and coffee, and the items were signed by Sam Smith himself.

The emotional show with the talented Sam Smith on stage was an unforgettable experience that I recommend music lovers everywhere to attend, this man knows what he is doing.

Check out a video from the concert.

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