Chris Brown Pops Off on “Ungrateful B%$cha$$ Fans” on Instagram

Chris Brown was forced to push back the ‘Between the Sheets Tour’ featuring himself and Trey Songz after a L.A. judge denied Chris’ request to travel after his probation was revoked after a shooting broke out while Chris was performing at a San Jose club.

“The judge would not sign off on my travel to do the tour until I finish these last 100 hours of community service,” Brown posted to Instagram. “I promise that I am busting my ass doing it every day until it’s complete. This is the most disappointing news I’ve gotten in a while.”

Fans are confused why 1,000 hours have not been completed when they were sentenced to him on August 16 of last year.

Fans were quick to share their frustrations with Brown. This young lady tweeted:


Even Trey Songz fans that did not want to see Chris told him off.


But it wasn’t until his response where I’m wondering if he cares about fixing his tarnished reputation. “Making music, jail, and trying to please you ungrateful ********* *******!”


Who says that to their upset fans based off of something you did? Chris, you let your fans down, and you continue to let everyone know you clearly have no chill mode.

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