Bobbi Kristina: “It’s Time To Withdraw Life Support”– on Bobby Brown’s Birthday

Here’s the latest update with Bobbi Kristina, and the final days seem to be near sadly. The daughter of musical icons Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston has officially been declared braindead.10685489_10152561434515404_1363073398192093429_n

Doctors have told Bobby Brown it’s time to withdraw life support, according to TMZ. Unfortunately, the bad news comes on Bobby Brown’s birthday.

This news comes after PEOPLE magazine reported both families were gathering to say their final goodbyes to Bobbi Kristina.

It’s been eight days since Bobbi Kristina was placed into a medically induced coma, but the Brown family and the Houston family have been wishing for the best, hoping for a medical miracle.

Understandably, this is a horrific tragedy for this family. They have certainly been through enough already.

720x405-153963570TMZ is reporting that the decision to pull the plug is Bobby Brown’s to make, however, he does not want to make the decision today.

It was reported last Saturday that Bobbi Kristina was found in a bathtub in her GA home faced down and unresponsive.

Such a sad story, my thoughts go out to the Houston family and the Brown family as well.

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  1. My prayers are with Bobby Brown especially since today is your birthday…happy birthday Bobby! I can only imagine the pain, sorrow and grief you must feel at this time! We all love Bobbi Kristina too and my condolences to you and your family….KISSES


    • I believe the greatest tragedy of all, is she had Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston as parents. All of these people are crackheads and alcoholics. We continue to struggle and they take life and more than enough money to live off of for granted. America needs to stop glorifying this abominable, sick behavior. These people do not belong in a civilized world, nor should they b allowed to parent children!!!!!


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