Rosie O’Donnel: Why She is Really Leaving ‘The View’

ABC_rosie_odonnell_the_view_sk_140915_16x9_992Rosie O’Donnel is leaving the daytime panel-style television show ‘The View‘, however, it was not exactly her choice to suddenly quit the show.

Much speculation grew online saying that she was having splitting with her wife Michelle Rounds.¬†However, It turns out 52 year old O’Donnel’s health is at a risky state and doctors are ordering that the television personality remove herself from the show.

Rosie spoke with PEOPLE magazine before a standup show and said stress was a huge factor in why she had to remove herself from the show, “It got a little bit worse right before the holidays, and my doctor was kind of concerned, so when I went back after the holiday break, she said to me, “You know, the stress level is too much.”

In addition to high stress levels, she went on to mention she has five kids while dealing with some tough marital issues which many people speculated beforehand.

As for the co-stars, they heard once the news hit the tabloids, because Rosie did not tell them!

“I’ve heard from everybody since then over the weekend. Everyone cares about each other, and nobody wants anyone to do anything that’s going to affect their health. They get it. They know, and it’s okay. Not everything works out as you planned.”

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