Chris Brown vs. Fans: “None of y’all matter and you will never matter”

Just when you thought Chris Brown could not tarnish his reputation anymore than he already has, he has now rusted it to filth.

After Brown’s controversial interview with The Breakfast Club, fans took to his Instagram page to put their 2 cents in on the interview. Brown claimed in the interview that his ultimate feat would’ve been to get Rihanna and Karrueche pregnant at the same time.

This is what one of Chris’ stans had to say:


and then… Chris Brown is Chris Brown not caring about anyone but himself… even if you are a loyal dedicated fan.


The fan was then blocked by her favorite star, after saying nothing disrespectful at all. Not sure what is going on with Chris’ life, but he is certainly losing fans day by day… even his biggest fans. His now heartbroken fan shared this post after finding out the news.

photo-320Can you say that you are surprised though?

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