Bobby Brown’s Family Shooting Reality TV Show Surrounding Bobbi Kristina’s Condition

Just when you thought this story could not get any worse Bobby Brown‘s family is allegedly filming a new reality television show surrounding the condition of Bobbi Kristina Brown.

leola_brown2012-wideTMZ is reporting sources connected to production are telling them Bobby’s two sisters, brother, and their kids are currently participating in the project.

Here the tea on the two sisters: Leolah (left) sat in an interview and faulted Ray J for Whitney Houston’s death. and Tina (right) admitted doing crack with Whitney in an interview. But that wasn’t Tina’s last time in the news, most recently she was in the news after fighting her son in a hotel room near Bobbi’s hospital room, her son Shayne will also be appearing on the show. Doesn’t both of the women just look so bitter?!rnat-100406

At first, I had a difficult time believing this story would be true however Bobby’s lawyers have allegedly reached out to TMZ to confirm that Bobby will not appear on the show. So in order for their to be a comment, there must be a show actually filming, sadly.

No video will be recorded in the hospital rooms but Bobbi Kristina’s condition will be updated verbally on the show.

I feel so sorry for Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina, and even Whitney. It’s sad the family is attempting to capitalize on such a tragedy.

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