Willow Smith looks All Grown Up on CR Magazine Cover

14-year-old singer Willow Smith seems to be well past the years of whipping her hair back and forth, transforming into a more adult vibe. The daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith has been making waves over the past few months for her incredible taste in fashion as well as her music.

willow 2

The young singer graced the cover of CR Fashion Book for their Spring edition, and rocked designers such as Tom Ford Kenzo and Pucci, and everyone can tell that this young woman isn’t going anywhere but up.

Vogue Magazine named Willow “a style star in the making” and as if that wasn’t enough they also stated that the singer was “as adventurous with her style as she is with her music.”

Willow 3

This isn’t the first time that Willow has been in the spotlight however. At only the age of 11 the singer released her first smash hit ‘Whip My Hair’ in 2010 and completely dominated the radio.

As of lately the singer is at a different place musically and it definitely shows. In November of 2014, the singer released an EP ‘3’ and has sense gone on tour with very mature artist such as Jhane Aiko and Sza.

In her interview with CR Willow talked about finding her own sense of style while trying to find out who she is. She told them “I think my look changes all the time and right now it’s a bit more messy, kind of grungy.”

She also told the fashion mag about future plans for her hair, which includes the singer getting dreadlocks. “I want to embrace my full self, as natural as I can be.”


Willow Smith is most defnitly an artist on the rise and we can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

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