(Chicago-Filmed) ‘Empire’ Breaks Multiple Ratings Records Becoming Most Successful Start On Television

Empire‘s numbers are finally in, and FOX averaged in a record breaking 16.7 million viewers, according to Nielsens. The show reached 17.6 million at its peak for its final hour achieving a 6.5 rating between viewers of 18 and 49 years.

Cookie Episode 10

The now iconic show, WHICH WAS/IS FILMED RIGHT HERE IN CHICAGO, has did something that no other show has quite accomplished on such a massive level in it’s beginning steps; it has become the top-rated series among viewers aged of 18 and 49 years.

It has beat records previously set by The Walking Dead, How to Get Away With Murder, and even Scandal.

It’s success can not only be accredited to its tremendous casting, but also its social media impact. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are Empire-packed on Wednesday nights, even the few people who don’t watch the show can agree on that. The series finale had 2.4 million tweets about it.

But what’s next for the show now that Luscious isn’t in fact dying of ALS no longer? It will be interesting to see what creators will do with the show now that we know who is in control of the Empire? Whatever is in store, I’m sure Lee Daniels is going to continue breaking records.

Here’s how many people viewed the show throughout the season and see it’s growth as its grows into a second season.

Jan. 7: 9.9 million viewers.

Jan. 14: 10.32 million viewers.

Jan 21: 11.07 million viewers.

Jan. 28: 11.36 million viewers.

Feb. 4: 11.47 million viewers.

Feb. 11: 11.96 million viewers.

Feb. 18: 13.02 million viewers.

Feb. 26: 13.9 million viewers.

March 4: 14.3 million viewers.

March 11: 14.9 million viewers.

March 18: 16.7 million viewers. ***Season Finale***

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