Man Arrested After Throwing Banana At Dave Chappelle; See Why He Did It

A man has been arrested after throwing a banana peel onstage during Dave Chappelle’s show in Santa Fe at the Lensing Performing Arts Center on Mon. March 30th, 2015.

Christian Englander was under fire from Dave¬†poking fun at audience members, something comedians often do. Englander found the jokes racist, according to a spokesperson for the Santa Fe Police Department. The PD also say Englander and the friend he was with were both ‘visibly intoxicated’.CBbgIl4U0AEkM6n.jpg-large

That’s when the fan stood up and lunged a banana peel towards Chappelle and then immediately attempted to flee the theatre before getting caught by security and taken to jail.

Chappelle reportedly attempted to have the man escorted back into the show, but police would not bring the suspect back.

Fans are saying, “the next hour of the show was basically about the banana peel and how it feels to have sh&% like that thrown at you.”

Chappelle joked, “Would you like to see your favorite comedian beat the ^#&@ out of somebody. I can’t believe that not only did somebody throw a banana on stage I can’t believe they had a banana on them the entire time. And why was the banana peel so brown? He was probably saving this banana to do this to me. Why didn’t he throw a good banana at me? Just the brown peel? Where’s the rest of it? I am actually offended by the poor quality of banana. It was brown man.”

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