Selena Quintanilla To Tour — As Hologram?

The 20th year anniversary of Selena Quintanilla‘s anniversary has passed, and technology has sure changed at a rapid rapid since the death of the late international popstar. Thanks to technology, there are plans in order for you to possibly see Selena on tour — via hologram. tumblr_n44rthCBNE1rtx5ico2_500

The hologram plans to talk, sing, and dance just like Selena would and even collaborate with today’s hottest artist. Although ‘performances’ would not happen until 2018. Technology company Acrovirt, LLC has to project underway with the support of the Quintanilla family.

This would not be the first time Holograms have been used for performances, Tupac magically appeared on stage at Coachella, and Michael Jackson even performing via hologram for his own tribute at the 2014 Billboard Awards. As weird as the concept may be, you must admit, it all looks extremely realistic.

Here’s the formal announcement from Selena’s official Facebook page:

For more information of the project visit:

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