Wale Visits Baltimore High School To Inspire Students

Rapper Wale is using his celebrity status to hep inspire the youth of Baltimore during these troubling times. The rapper traveled from New York to Frederick Douglas High School of Baltimore, MA. during their first day back in classes after two days of recess after violent rioting and protest surround the Maryland city.CDyVppoUMAIaF1Z

“I’m here to listen,” Wale told the students who are still frustrated about the unresolved murder of 25 year old Freddie Gray. “I hurt like y’all hurt I see what’s going on. I’m a millionaire and they’re still harassing me.”

Wale surprised the students Wednesday morning to raise awareness against the media’s label of the community as ‘thugs’. The visit not only included their own sit down talk in the school’s library, but Wale also marched with students towards city hall as a part of a peaceful protest.

Wale told reporters, “Even if it’s gonna take me, or whoever, to come down here and talk to them and give them some energy and let them know that that’s not how I see them, that’s not how we see them.”CDxXVCxVAAAI6-3

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