Miguel Sued For 2013 Billboard Music Awards Jump in Vegas

2013 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Biggest Highlight: When Miguel fell on that girl’s head during his live telecast. Remember?

miguel-stage-leap-failThat girl who’s head cushioned Miguel’s leap of faith is now suing the hopeful long jump star. That girl is Cindy Tsai now she is searching for the coin! She is not only trying to sue Miguel, she is also blaming MGM Grand with a lawsuit as well.

Immediately after the fall, Miguel interviewed with Billboard, AND CINDY standing right next to him, sore neck and all (and smiling). “We just met.” Miguel told the camera. “Unfortunately we did not meet under the best circumstances, but I think we’re okay.”

Now she is suing for negligence and is seeking damages to cover medical fees and lost wages due to recovery from the night, as well as pain and suffering from the jump. Yes, she is suing for something that has happened two years ago, but it’s because she is about to not be able to sue for damages. The statue of limitations for cases like this in Nevada is two years.

I’m sure this girl will win, and it’s no help that this incident was dramatically recorded in perfect high definition.

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