Sam Smith Taking A Break From Speaking AND Singing, See Why

Sam Smith will be completely silent for the next three weeks, and it is because the Grammy winning artist needs surgery on his damaged vocal chords.

The singer announced the news on Instagram with this photo below with the caption,

“Bad news. I have my operation booked for next week, so getting really nervous. But by doing this in 8 weeks time I’m gonna be able to sing like never before so it’s worth it. I am so sorry to all. Dreading the next month [though], I can’t speak for THREE WEEKS after the op.”         – Sam Smith via Instagram

When I went to his concert for a concert review I wrote back in the winter, you could tell how live and pure his voice was, but hopefully he isn’t damaging his vocal chords by not singing with proper technique.

I did not find any issue in how he was using his voice at the show, but I will admit, I was left confused at some points on how he sings the way he does. He is amazing none the less and I wish Sam a healthy surgery so we can hear him back on stage soon!

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