Azealia Banks and K. Michelle Begin Twitter Feud Days After Canceling Tour

Just days after K. Michelle and Azealia Banks canceled their joint tour, and K. Michelle swore there was no beef between the two, of course a Twitter beef has now transpired.

Many of the tweets have now been deleted by now, but it’s not that hard to put the puzzle pieces together for these two basic R&B divas.

The tweet that started it all:

Not even five minutes went by before the internet took her tweet as a shot against her former ‘coworker’ Azealia Banks, referring to income coming from the joint tour.

You know Azealia was simply not having it, and immediately attempted to read K. Michelle saying she never had any interprets working with or meeting K.


Azealia clearly took K. Michelle’s tweet as a direct sting, even getting extremely vulgar at times not only talking about K. Michelle getting butt shots in a hotel room. Take a look at this tweet that she still has not deleted.

Just days ago during the announcement that the two’s joint tour would be cancelled, K. Michelle released a statement reaffirming fans that no drama was between the two artist with strong minded fan bases:

“So it is with a broken heart, I have to postpone the tour with me and @AzealiaBanks at this time. Before the negativity and assumptions from naysayers and media outlets begins, I’d like for everyone to know the truth. First, there is absolutely no drama between me and Azealia. We have a mutual respect for each other as women and artists. I can’t wait to get in the studio with her and for you all to hear what she’s been working on. Secondly, it wasn’t low ticket sales. Due to such an overwhelming response with this tour there have been conversations about adding a second show in various cities. ”
-K. Michelle via Instagram

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