Floyd Mayweather Responds to Claims He Violated USADA Rules

Floyd Mayweather has a lot to say days before he fights Andre Berto. But this conversation has to do with his last fight vs. Manny Pacquiao after being accused of utilizing an intravenous injection mix of saline and vitamins following the weigh-in.

The United States Anti-Doping Agency is also saying that Mayweather applied for and was granted an exemption for the infusion. Weird thing is that reportedly the exemption came three weeks AFTER the fight.

Not sure who actually typed out the tweets for Floyd, but with the vocabulary used in the response, I’m almost certain he did not write that. However, we do know Floyd wrote his signature on the USADA contract with Pacquiao to cover drug testing protocol for the bout allowed for therapeutic use exemptions, according to ESPN.

The accusers, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), was not notified by the USADA of the exemption. Executive Director of the NSAC Bob Bennett says the USADA does not have the power to grant a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) to an athlete.

“Although Mr. Mayweather’s application was not approved until after his fight with Mr. Pacquiao and all tests results were reported, Mr. Mayweather did disclose the infusion to USADA in advance of the IV being administered thorium. Furthermore, once the TUE was granted, the NSAC and Mr. Pacquiao were immediately notified even through the practice is not prohibited under NSAC rules.”

May weather’s camp is saying that the fluids were only given to Mayweather for rehydration purposes after the weigh-in.

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