Chris Brown Wins Joint Custody of Daughter Royalty, Also Wins Child Support Dispute


Chris Brown with his daughter Royalty who he won joint custody of.

Chris Brown battled it out in a Houston courtroom Friday morning with his baby momma Nia Guzmen to not only settle custody limitations regarding their baby Royalty, but also to settle a child support dispute.

The two have been EXTREMELY vocal about the legal matters, each day more and more dirty laundry airing. It’s time to officially settle this matter once and for all.

Previously, Guzmen has been receiving $2.5k/month and was asking for just a liiiiiitle bit more. $15k/month! TMZ is reporting that Nia also wanted to deny Chris any custodial rights and give him supervised visitation. She was not playing! The judge however, decided to go a more fair route.

Brown, represented by Mark Geragos, was awarded 50/50 physical custody of Royalty and his child support payments remain at $2.5k/month. The couple is ordered to switch off physical parenting duties every four days.


Nia Guzmen with her daughter Royalty.

To keep things quieter than they have been on both sides, all things case-related are not allowed to be published on social media.

TMZ is saying Chris also agreed that his mother would always be present when he has custody of Royalty. Not sure how true that is/how true it will be when he has his daughter though. His behavior seems to be on the rise ever since finding out about his daughter and I know this news made him happy.

Chris posted onto Instagram with the hashtag #ILOVEROYALTY

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