Zedd Shades Dr. Luke on Twitter, Dr. Luke Responds

We all know the story behind the ‘Tik Tok’ singer, Ke$Ha, and the oh-so controversial Dr. Luke! As a victim of sexual and mental abuse, Ke$Ha has taken legal action to breach her contract binding her to Sony forcing her to work with the infamous Dr. Luke (right)!

31st Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards

Unfortunately, the star was denied her request and is still under contract. However, do keep in mind Sony has offered to abolish her contract on ONE condition. In order to walk as a free bird, Ke$Ha must come out publicly and “admitted.” the entire scandal was a figment of her imagination aka all a lie. Hmmmm Sony why would this be a requirement if Dr. Luke is nothing more than an innocent man? *sips tea*
After the scandal, multiple big name artist stepped up in alliance with our fallen star including Adele, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift (Ok, ladies now let’s get in formation). Let’s not forget to mention Kelly Clarkson who has previously worked with Dr. Luke; who claimed in her Australian interview that she was blackmailed into working with the monster and says he is a man of “poor character”. Come on Kelly! We know you have more tea to spill Behind Those Hazel Eyes!

zedd3.jpgFrom all the hardships, one beacon of hope has risen and that bares the name of DJ Zedd. Demonstrating the ultimate act of chivalry, Zedd agreed to give Ke$Ha a hand up by agreeing to collab with her to restore her creative freedom. Thus resulting in the smash hit “True Colors” a well delivered single by the duo showing us that Ke$Ha still has that spark that still brings out our inner Animal even in a time of distress!

While Zedd did his part in offering up his services to the ‘True Colors’ artist, he still wanted to speak up and give us further clarification of his action.¬†Simple and straightforward right? Well Dr. Luke wanted to ensure he had the last word and threw some slight, yet unneeded, shade. Take a look at the exchange of words on Twitter below.

635978206749475775-1382247551_Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.53.52 PM

Why reply at all? After all you are an innocent man…. “So you there with the sad eyes, Don’t be discouraged” -Cyndi Lauper “True Colors

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